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These are the top 5 things to do after a car accident if you anticipate the possibility of making a property damage or injury claim or both. Not doing so can potentially cost you.

1. If there is any damage (even minor), call the police. At-fault drivers often say they will work it out if you do not get the police involved. Many times their story changes a day or so later and they refuse to pay. A police report is one of the best ways to document the accident and collect the at-fault driver's and owner's information.
2. Don’t leave the scene before the police arrive even if you are in a rush to get somewhere else.
3. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES! NOT 1, NOT 2, LOTS! (Assuming it is safe to do so.) Specifically, take photos of the damage to your car, the damage to any other car(s) involved - especially the at-fault car - and take pictures of the at fault car’s license plate.
4. Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses.
5. Get the name of the insurance company of the at-fault driver - either ask the cop or take a picture of the at-fault driver’s insurance card and driver’s license while you are waiting for the police to arrive.

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NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: In Florida, drivers are NOT required to carry insurance coverage to pay for injuring another, even if they are at fault for the car accident. Furthermore, there are many drivers on Florida's roads without any car insurance at all. Protect yourself by purchasing Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) coverage. It is optional coverage that you won't automatically have even if you are told you have "full coverage" - you must elect to have it on your policy. It is meant to provide coverage in case you are involved in an accident where you sustain injuries and the at-fault driver/vehicle owner has either no insurance, insurance without injury liability coverage, or has too little insurance to pay for your injuries. It costs a small amount more per month (between approximately $10 to $30 depending on the amount of UM coverage and the number of covered vehicles). Insurance agents will often not point your attention to UM coverage because it means more paying out for their company. Hopefully you're never in an accident. But, in the unfortunate event that you are, make sure you're covered. Call your insurance and ask for a quote to add UM coverage. It could mean the difference between being able to get compensated for injuries or not at all.

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